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EPIC Signals is an advanced multi-chain signal bot integrated with Telegram, designed to enhance the trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, EPIC Signals offers real-time insights and trading opportunities across various blockchain networks, including:

  • Ton,

  • Solana,

  • Base

  • Ethereum.

This bot aims to be the ultimate gem-hunting tool in Telegram, providing users with the tools and education needed to make profitable trades in all market conditions.

Key Features

  • Multi-Chain Support: EPIC Signals operates across multiple blockchain networks, ensuring a broad range of trading opportunities.

  • Advanced Algorithms: The bot utilizes sophisticated algorithms tailored to different risk appetites, catering to both conservative and aggressive traders.

  • Real-Time Alerts: Users receive instant alerts on price changes, trade volumes, and significant market movements, enabling quick decision-making.

  • Integrated Trading: An incorporated bot allows for lightning-fast trading directly within Telegram, streamlining the trading process.

  • Educational Content: EPIC Signals provides strategies and educational material to help users understand and utilize the signals effectively.

  • Token-Gated Access: Access to the Basic Tier of EPIC Signals requires ownership of 100,000+ $EPIC, ensuring a dedicated and invested community.


  1. Increased Awareness: The bot highlights existing projects, helping users discover and invest in promising cryptocurrencies.

  2. Profit Opportunities: EPIC Signals identifies profit-making opportunities regardless of market conditions, enabling consistent gains.

  3. Customizable Experience: Different algorithm settings are available at various tiers, with the most profitable settings reserved for users holding significant amounts of $EPIC.

  4. Community Engagement: By requiring token ownership for access, EPIC Signals fosters a committed and knowledgeable user base.

  5. Continuous Improvement: The team is dedicated to upgrading algorithms and adding new features, ensuring the bot remains at the forefront of trading technology.

How to Join the EPIC Signals Group

  1. Connect Your Wallet address:

    • Ensure your address holds at least 100,000 $EPIC tokens.

    • Follow the instructions in the My Telegram Wallet guide to connect your wallet address.

  2. Access the Group:

  3. For Stakers:

    • Connect the same address from which you have staked tokens. This will also grant you access to the group.

Contributing to RevShare

As an owner of $EPIC, you can contribute to the ecosystem and enjoy revenue sharing. Here's how:

  • Referral Buttons: We have integrated referral buttons for Maestro. By clicking this button, we receive 25% of the Maestro fees, which will be used for revshare for EPIC Holders.

Join EPIC Signals today and contribute to a sustainable and profitable ecosystem while enjoying exclusive trading insights and opportunities.

Welcome to EPIC Signals! Enjoy the exclusive trading insights and opportunities.

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