💹Portfolio Feature

Welcome to the Portfolio Feature - a part of My Telegram Wallet Bot. This feature provides real-time value assessments of your token holdings across multiple blockchains.


The Portfolio Feature in My Telegram Wallet Bot is crafted to offer users a comprehensive view of their cryptocurrency portfolio directly through Telegram. Whether you're a project founder, a member of the crypto community, or a private user seeking to enhance your crypto experience, this feature promises to make asset management more engaging, fun, and profitable.


✅ Multi-Blockchain Support

  • Ethereum, BASE, BNB Chains, and More: Our Portfolio Feature supports a wide array of blockchains, including Ethereum, BASE, BNB, Arbitrum, Blast and others, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your crypto assets.

✅ Real-Time Value Updates

  • Up-to-Date Token Values: Verify your wallet addresses with My Telegram Wallet Bot to check the current values of your tokens across different blockchains.

  • Daily Updates: Refresh the value of your tokens up to 10 times per day to stay informed about the latest balances.

✅ Portfolio Management

  • Total Portfolio Value: Display the overall value of your portfolio, providing a holistic view of your assets.

  • Last Update Timestamp: Know exactly when your portfolio value was last updated, ensuring you have the latest information.

  • Remaining Daily Updates: Track how many more times you can update your portfolio value within the day.

Getting Started

Add Your Wallet

Connect your My Telegram Wallet Bot to the bot by following the simple, guided process.

Connecting Wallets

View Your Portfolio

Access the portfolio summary with your tokens' current values, total portfolio value, and the last update timestamp.

Support and Community

Encounter any issues or have questions? Join our community on Telegram and Twitter for support, updates, and to connect with other EPICBOTS enthusiasts. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best experience and is always here to help.

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