💳Purchasing Credits

Quick Start Guide: Purchasing Credits

  1. Find @MyTelegramWalletBot and start the conversation, by clicking "Send Message"

  1. Make sure you have at least one wallet added to My Telegram Wallet. If you want to learn how, please check below section:

Connecting Wallets

  1. Click "Buy Credits" button

  1. Select the network on which you want to send payment.

  1. Click at the button representing the amount of credits you want to buy. Cost of 100 Credits is 1 USD.

  1. You will see the amount of credits you want to buy, toghether with the required fee. Click "Confirm" to continue.

  1. Copy adress of the walet into where you shall send your fee for buying the credits

  1. Open your wallet, and click "Send" to initiate transfer.

Send your Funds from Hotwallet like Metamask, TrustWallet, Rabby etc. or Hardwallet like Ledger, Trezor etc. Only in this case we can confirm your payment.

Dont Send your funds from Centralised exchanges, where multiple users can share same wallet address. We cannot confirm sender of such a Payment. Payments from Centralised exchanges will be lost.

Make sure you are sending funds from correct wallet (same like added to My Telegram Wallet)

Add Receiving address, amount to be sent, and click send.

  1. Confirm the transaction

  1. Go to transaction history, open transaction created before, and open the details, to find the transaction Hash which needs to be send back to My Telegram Wallet Bot.

  1. Copy the transaction ID (hash)

  1. Paste Transaction ID to the conversation with @MyTelegramWalletBot and click "Send"

  1. You shall receive notification, that Transaction Hash has been received.

  1. In the dashboard you can see now that credits has been added. Congratulations!

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