💳My Telegram Wallet

Seamlessly integrate your wallets from EVM-compatible blockchain addresses to your Telegram


My Telegram Wallet, crafted by EPICBOTS, offers a streamlined way to link your Telegram to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and other EVM-compatible wallets.

Manage multiple wallets and access a suite of services within the EPICBOTS.io ecosystem with ease.

Features available using My Telegram Wallet


Easily track and manage your diverse cryptocurrency assets with our integrated portfolio feature, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your investments directly within Telegram.

💹Portfolio Feature

Purchasing EPIC Credits

Acquire EPIC Credits smoothly via My Telegram Wallet, unlocking premium services and features within the EPICBOTS ecosystem to enhance your user experience.

💳Purchasing Credits


Leverage exclusive access control to your community with our Token Gate Bot.

🔐EPIC Gate

EPIC Lottery

Engage with the thrill of chance in our EPIC Lottery, where using EPIC Credits can yield exciting rewards and drive community fun.

💰EPIC Lottery

Setting up My Telegram Wallet

⭐Connecting Wallets❓FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Using My Telegram Wallet

  • Navigate: Add additional wallets or create additional temporary wallets. Manage their names and privacy settings.

  • Purchase EPIC Credits: Access premium services by purchasing EPIC Credits directly through the bot. These are bought using native gas coins on supported chains and cost around $0,01 per credit.

Privacy Notice

My Telegram Wallet simply aligns a Telegram user with their address on the blockchain.

We uphold strict privacy measures and want to reassure you that we do not have any access to your wallet.

All data collected and used in our ecosystem is public data from the blockchain. We use the official Signature tool from Etherscan: https://info.etherscan.com/verify-signature-tool/ to verify your address.

Safety Notice

  • Only use the official My Telegram Wallet bot instructions and sign verifications through the EPIC Gateway or via the Manual verification supplied dApp services.

  • My Telegram Wallet has access to the temporary wallet private keys on generation. These private keys are discarded after sending them to the user. We do not store the generated private key, so please make sure to save the private key in a safe place as it won't be shown again. In the event of you loosing the private key we cannot recover it for you.

  • Do you have any questions or concerns? We recommend watching our tutorial videos and reaching out if you need clarification on any instructions before proceeding.

Unlinking Your Wallet

  • To disconnect, just simply click on the wallet you wish to remove and press the "Remove " button. Remember, re-linking is always an option for future services.

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