FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page features the most asked questions regarding My Telegram Wallet (MTW)

During signing the message in Etherscan, please make sure that you are signing with the same address which you have entered in the My Telegram Wallet bot.

What message should I copy to sign?

You have to copy the text in the message that is show below. Everything in Blue has to be copied.

It should be similar to this message:

By signing this message I confirm that I am the owner of this wallet address and I want to add it to my account with the bot https://t.me/MyTelegramWalletBot. Verification Hash: 0x6fba3c2475a11761335da796daa5b430363fe0af02e2eec835c844778bd88426

Is signing a message safe?

Signing our provided messages is completely safe as it is not a Transaction Signature which can be used in other contracts, but a regular Message Signature. Message signing is often used in various applications for user authentication, cryptographic proofs, or as part of smart contract interactions to prove ownership of the wallet. Message Signature is generated in your wallet using your private key. This allows us to confirm you are the owner of the wallet. Signing is only a one-way process, so getting the private key from a Signature Hash is not possible!

How can you confirm that I am the owner of the wallet?

We request you to sign a Message Signature via a third-party dApp. These include Etherscan, MEW or MyCrypto dApps. By signing a message, you confirm that you are the sole owner of the wallet you provided.

By Message Signing do you have access to my wallet?

No. And we don't want access to your wallet, and most likely we won't have any bots in the future that require us to store your private keys. We are better off without having custody over your wallets. By Message Signing you are just sending us the Signature Hash which confirms that you are the owner of that wallet. That is all that there is.

How many wallets can I add?

You can add a total of 5 wallets for free. Additional wallets can be added by the use of the eco-system credits.

Whilst buying credits, I accidentally sent them from a wallet which is not connected to MTW. What do I do?

Don't panic. Your credits are safe. If you sent them with a unverified address, please add the wallet you sent the payment from to the MTW and repeat the purchase of credits without actually sending the payment. When asked for the transaction hash, send the bot the transaction hash of the previous transfer. Make sure to select the same amount of credits.

What is the price of credits and does it change?

The price of credits is tied to 0.01$. This valuation is updated on a day to day basis. So in high market swings you could get a better/worse deal.

What does Private or Public wallet mean?

Currently, there are no pros or cons of having it Private or Public. At a later stage we will be releasing the option for Gate owners to view the public wallets of the people connected to the Gate itself. This in the future will allow Gate owners to issue airdrops or rewards for people that are verified group members of the Gate.

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