🎟️EPIC Credits

Unlock the Power of Engagement: The EPIC Credits System

What's the Deal with Credits?

In the EPICBOTS ecosystem, credits are your golden keys. They aren't a web3/crypto asset and cannot be traded. Think of them as a loyalty and engagement point system that can be accrued and spent however you wish. They allow a micro payment economy to thrive within EPICBOTS that otherwise wouldn't be possible on the Ethereum blockchain.

How much does 1 EPIC Credit Cost?

1 Credit is based on $0,01. As with all volatile crypto infused systems this can fluctuate.

How can I buy EPIC Credits?

You are able to buy credits with native tokens on supported chains via My Telegram Wallet.

Community Champions Rejoice

Got a knack for stirring the pot of engagement? Dive into our Community Contributor Rewards: Share, invite, and engage to rack up credits. It’s our way of saying β€œThanks for making EPICBOTS awesome!”

Join the EPIC Raiders

Embark on an EPIC quest with the EPIC Raiders Program. Promote, expand, and energize our community to earn credits. It’s not just about growing numbers; it’s about building a vibrant tribe.

Exclusive Access Awaits

Accumulate credits and step into a new realm of Exclusive Content & Benefits. Unlock premium features and special events that are reserved just for the most engaged users like you.

Game On!

Enter the fun zone with Gamification and Raffles. Use credits to join exciting games and raffle draws. It’s a blend of fun, engagement, and the thrill of potential wins!

Climb the Credit Ladder

Engage, earn, and elevate with Credit Accumulation Levels. More credits mean more perks and higher status. It’s not just progressβ€”it’s your journey up the EPICBOTS echelons.

Why Join the Credit Crusade?

The EPIC Credits System isn’t just about rewardsβ€”it’s about building a thriving, active community where every contribution is valued. Dive in, earn credits, and discover the endless possibilities within the EPICBOTS ecosystem.

Let’s make engagement not just rewarding, but EPIC!

Credit Sales Breakdown

25% - Revenue Share

25% - Buyback and Burn of $EPIC

50% - Infrastructure and Scaling

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