🎟️EPIC Raffle

Are you ready to Raffle?!

Want to create a fun and engaging event inside your Telegram group? Introducing the EPIC Raffle Bot! It's your go-to for creating exciting events with minimal effort. Simply configure your Raffle: set prizes, set participant limits, show recently joined and set the Raffle duration. Participants can join a Raffle with just one click of a button. Do you want your winners to be drawn automatically when the Raffle time runs out? No problem at all. Inspire engagement and foster a vibrant and exciting atmosphere in your group!

Customize Raffles to match your needs

First off, there are no specific requirements for using the EPIC Raffle Bot, it is absolutely free to use, making it accessible to all Telegram groups.

  • (Un)limited participants: Host a Raffle for a handful, hundreds, or an unlimited number of people.

  • Show Recently Joined: Toggle on or off to display people who've just joined the Raffle.

  • Duration & Timing: Set specific start and end times to fit your group's schedule. 7 days = max.

  • Multiple Rewards: Offer up to 5 various prizes to make your raffle more exciting and inclusive.

  • Non-Blockchain Rewards: You state the prizes in text. Just make sure to send them to the winners!

  • Claiming Rewards: By using unique codes only shown to the winner, scams are non existent.

Innovative feature to combat scam claims

  • The Raffle Bot's unique code system for winners not only simplifies the prize claim process but also effectively counters fraudulent claims, ensuring that only legitimate winners can claim their prizes.

Ensuring Fairness and Transparency

  • Randomized winner selection: Guarantees that every participant has a fair chance at winning.

Integration with the EPICBOTS Ecosystem

  • Future updates will include discreet advertisements and cross-promotions with other bots within the ecosystem, enhancing visibility and engagement across the board.

Easy Setup Process

Creating a raffle is a breeze. Here's how to get started:

  1. Ensure the EPIC Raffle Bot is added as an admin to your Telegram group.

  2. Give the bot the following Admin permissions: Pin Messages + Delete Messages.

  3. Type /raffle in the group chat to initiate a Raffle setup.

  4. Follow the prompts to configure your Raffle, including setting: Number of participants, Running time, Prizes, Recently joined and Auto Draw of the Raffle.

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