Welcome to EPICBOTS - The Premier Utility Project on Ethereum

EPICBOTS is a suite of AI infused Telegram Bots designed to bring Market Intelligence, Fun and Engagement Tools to 10,000's of Web3 communities. Telegram is the undisputed champion of crypto communication with over 900 million global users on the messaging platform. EPICBOTS harnesses this global messaging powerhouse to provide a cutting edge basket of AI infused bots.

These bots are built for all journeymen in the cryptoverse no matter your skill or expertise.

Whether you're a...

  • Project Founder, Caller or KOL

  • Marketing Guru

  • Investor / Trader

  • Or simply an Inquisitive Mind

We have a series of bots for you!


Create exclusive crypto communities with token and NFT gated access

🔐EPIC Gate

EPIC Raffle

Reimagine community giveaways with highly engaging bespoke raffles

🎟️EPIC Raffle

EPIC Listings

Get early information on the latest projects launching on our supported chains

🚀EPIC Listings


Showcase your deflationary tokenomics with our FOMO inducing EPIC Burn Bot

🔥EPIC Burn

EPIC Guardian

A first line of defence against scammers, monitor your Telegram community with ease.

🛡️EPIC Guardian

EPIC Lottery

Set multi chain prize tiers for longer duration lottery competitions.

💰EPIC Lottery

EPIC Rug Detector

Add a security layer to your research strategy with our AI powered contract scanner

🔍EPIC Rug Detector

My Telegram Wallet

Easily monitor assets across all our supported EVM chains in one simple interface.

💳My Telegram Wallet

EPIC Portal

Stop malicious bots destroying your community with our unique captcha solution.

Coming soon

Join us on the next phase of our development journey https://t.me/EpicBotsPortal

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