💰Revenue Share

Revenue share is a large and important part of the EPICBOTS value proposition. As the ecosystem grows so will the methods of generating income increase. We understand that a solid ecosystem creates value and distributes it on various levels. Therefore our holders will greatly benefit from this income by holding and participating in our community.

Income generation methods

Some of the income generation methods we are actively building are listed here:

  • Trading Tax - 2% of all trading volume

  • Credit Sales - 25% of all credit sales

  • Advertising - 50% of advertising sales

  • Featured Groups - 50% of revenue from featured groups

  • Trending - 50% of our trending fees

How do I qualify for Revenue Share?

You must hold a minimum of 10,000 $EPIC tokens to unlock revenue share. This was dictated by the amount of the 1st airdrop so we can be as inclusive as possible.

Rev share will begin being accumulated and distributed after 30 days from the $EPIC launch.

Claiming Revenue Share

We will develop a revenue share claim portal that will show your live balance and give you the ability to claim at your leisure.

Will it be paid in $ETH?

Yes, Revenue Share will be paid in $ETH.

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