🔐EPIC Gate

EPIC Gate: Your entry to Exclusive Telegram Communities

Merge the best of blockchain and social connectivity with our innovative EPIC Gate Bot! Designed for Crypto Telegram users, this bot is your gateway to a new era of community engagement and exclusive access:

View existing Gates or create your own gate at: t.me/EpicGateBot. Type /start to interact with the bot!

Best in Class Features

Revitalise your Telegram community

  • Token-Based Entry : Set entry thresholds based on token holdings.

  • Multi Wallet Security : MTW can read assets in multiple wallets across various EVM chains.

  • NFT-Based Access : Allow access through NFT holdings.

  • EVM Network Support : Additional EVM chains added on community request.

  • Auto-Management : Only those who qualify to your requirements stay in the community.

  • Visibility Boost : Feature your group in our EPICBOTS Gate list to assist your marketing efforts.

  • Spam Defence : Filter bot accounts and spammers from your community.

  • Subscription access ( Coming in Phase 2): Set reoccurring subscriptions for ongoing revenue.

For Leaders and Creators

Build trust with exclusive communities

  • Project Founders: Build communities of raving fans, Alpha and VIP groups.

  • NFT Artists: Offer exclusive groups to those who purchase your art.

  • KOLs: Share your latest opinions with private groups of paid customers.

  • Callers: Provide the best information to those who qualify.

  • Course Creators: Create paywalls to your video content.

For Community Enthusiasts

Unlock new social landscapes

  • Explore Diverse Groups : Find communities that align with your token assets through our featured groups and categories.

  • Seamless Integration : Link your wallet(s) once through My Telegram Wallet, without having to worry about keeping all your holdings in a single wallet. All holding in all connected wallets are scanned for access on verification.

  • Find your group : Connect to various groups and engage in meaningful conversations in token-specific groups.

  • Premium Access : Enter high-quality groups by meeting the token criteria.

Getting Started is Easy

Don't meet the token requirements yet? No worries! The bot will inform you on the missing token amount required to access the Gate.

Dive into a world where your tokens open doors to vibrant communities with EPIC Gate – your entry to Telegram's exclusive communities.

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