Using EPICBOTS Gateway

Quick Start Guide: Connecting My Telegram Wallet using EPICBOTS Gateway

  1. Find @MyTelegramWalletBot and start the conversation, by clicking "Send Message"

  1. You will see Welcome message, and list of your connected Wallets. Click on the button - "View Wallets", where you will have possibility to add one.

  1. Click now on the button "Add Wallet"

  1. Select that you want to Verify Your Existing Wallet address (like Metamask, Rabby, or hardwallet) and click at button "Add Existing Wallet"

  1. You will see prompt to paste your wallet address

  1. Now go to your wallet and copy wallet address, so you can paste it to @MyTelegramWalletBot

  1. Paste your wallet address, and send it to the Bot.

  1. Now you can select if you want to use:

In this Guide we are exploring easier method, so lets click at "EPICBOTS Gateway"

If you like to proceed with manual process at Etherscan, you can click here to learn more.

  1. You will see the Popup with Question if you want to open the link. It Contains your wallet address and verification hash. Click Open.

  1. Page will be opened where you can click "Connect Wallet"

  1. Select wallet you would like to connect

  1. Select account you want to Verify, and click "Next"

  1. Click Connect, in order to be able to verify address ownership in the next step.

  1. Click "Sign Message" button

  1. Click "Sign" button. To sign message

  1. Copy the signature hash and paste it to the bot in the same conversation.

  1. Paste the signature hash and send it to the Bot

  1. You will see the message that the wallet has been added to your account. Congratulations!

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