FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the purpose of the EPIC Guardian Bot?

A: The EPIC Guardian Bot is designed to secure your Telegram group by detecting and alerting about potential scam and impersonation attempts. Its goal is to maintain a safe environment for genuine community engagement.

Q: How do I add the EPIC Guardian Bot to my Telegram group?

A: You can add the EPIC Guardian Bot by searching for it on Telegram, or go directly to the bot. Click on the bots name and invite it to your group as you would with any member. Once added, it will start monitoring for suspicious activities immediately.

Q: Can the EPIC Guardian Bot differentiate between a genuine name change and an impersonation attempt?

A: Yes, recognizes typical patterns of impersonation. It pays extra attention to changes that mimic the names of group admins or mods.

Q: Does the EPIC Guardian Bot offer customization for its alerts?

A: The bot highlights critical alerts, especially those that could indicate impersonation of admins, to ensure they stand out for immediate action. There are no options for you to customize these alerts.

Q: Is the EPIC Guardian Bot free to use?

A: Yes, the bot is freely available for all Telegram groups, emphasizing our commitment to community safety in the crypto space.

Q: How will the EPIC Guardian Bot contribute to the EPICBOTS ecosystem's revenue?

A: In the future, it will display small dynamic one-liner ads, contributing to the overall revenue while maintaining a non-intrusive user experience.

Q: Where can I go for support if I have issues with the EPIC Guardian Bot?

A: For any support-related inquiries, you can contact our team through our Telegram channel at t.me/EpicBotsPortal.

Q: How often does the EPIC Guardian Bot receive updates?

A: The bot is updated based on user feedback and the evolving landscape of online security threats.

Q: What control do admins have over the actions taken by the EPIC Guardian Bot?

A: Admins have the power to act on the bot's detections. They can ban users directly if they pose a threat to the community's safety.

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