🛡️EPIC Guardian

Enhance the security of your Telegram group with the EPIC Guardian Bot.


Guard your Telegram group with the EPIC Guardian Bot, a vital security bot built to keep your community safe. This bot watches over your chat, spotting and reporting Telegram (user)name changes. Scammer or spammer changing their name to one of your Admins or Mods? They are instantly detected and you can ban the user with one click of a button. This way you can focus on building a thriving and secure community space.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keeps an eye on the group's activity to quickly identify and flag potential scammers and impersonators.

  • User Empowerment: Enables Admins to maintain group integrity with the ability to ban offenders swiftly.

  • Smart Alerts: Issues immediate alerts for name changes within the group, with extra attention to names resembling Admins or Mods.

  • Search users: by using the /search option, users can search for (user)names and see their history of (user)names and changes.

For Group Admins

  • Simple Integration: Add the bot to any Telegram group with ease.

  • Actionable Control: Admins can act on the bot's alerts with direct banning capabilities.

Upcoming Features

  • Advertisement Integration: Future updates will include small, one-liner ads to contribute to the EPICBOTS ecosystem's revenue share.

Privacy matters

Data stored:

  • Telegram username history

  • Telegram full name History

You can request to remove your data by messaging the bot and click on "Bot Privacy Policy" and press the "Remove Data" button. Another option would be to message the bot and use the /privacy command to remove your data.

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