FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page features the most asked questions regarding EPIC Gate bot.

When will there be added support for chain X?

Additional chains will be added in the future. The more request there will be for a chain, the sooner we will add it to the EPIC Gate.

How do you know that I am eligible to join a Gated group?

We utilise all the wallet addresses that you have connected to MTW (My Telegram Wallet) and check all the wallets for the required tokens. If the sum of the tokens is equal or higher to the requirement, you are marked as eligible.

I hold tokens in multiple wallets, should I transfer them all to a single wallet?

No. As we have access to all the wallet addresses you have connected to MTW (My Telegram Wallet), we will scan all those wallets for the needed tokens or NFTs.

Gate is showing Disabled (Maintenance/Bot Removed)

If the Gate is showing Disabled (Maintenance), most likely the creator of the Gate is configuring the Gate. So please wait while they setup everything and come back later. If the Gate is showing Disabled (Bot Removed), most likely the group behind the Gate was deleted or the Gate bot was removed from it. If you are the creator, just talk with the bot again and select the correct group. If you are the user, then there is nothing you can do, except to inform the group admins.

The Gate is showing that I don't meet the requirements, but I have the needed tokens/NFTs.

Make sure that the wallets with those tokens/NFTs are connected to MTW (My Telegram Wallet). If they are not connected, please connect them. If you have made sure that the correct wallets are connected, please send a message in our group and we will help you. DISREGARD ANY DMs FROM PEOPLE CLAIMING TO BE SUPPORT! - NEVER SHARE PRIVATE KEYS OR SEED PHRASES. WE WON'T ASK FOR THEM - NEVER VISIT WEBSITE SENT TO YOU IN DMs

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