🔬Detailed Scan Report Breakdown

This section is dedicated to explaining each element you’ll encounter in audits generated by EPIC Rug Detector. Understanding these will empower you with the knowledge to interpret our findings and make informed decisions.

Trading Details

  • Honeypot: Indicates whether the contract has mechanisms that could prevent selling.

  • Buy/Sell/Transfer Tax: Percentage fees associated with buying, selling, or transferring tokens.

  • Max Tx/Max Wallet: Maximum transaction amount and wallet holding limit, if any, to prevent dumping.

  • Tax Revenue: Estimated earnings from transaction taxes.

Liquidity Details

  • Liquid Issue: Shows if there are any issues detected with the liquidity of the token.

  • LP Supply: The amount of liquidity provided in liquidity pools.

  • Burned: Percentage of the token supply that has been burned.

  • Locked: Liquidity that is locked and inaccessible for a set duration.

  • Market Cap: The total value of all the tokens at the current price.

  • Volume (24h): The total volume of the token traded in the past 24 hours.

Audit Data

  • Renounced: If the ownership of the contract is renounced, meaning no individual or entity has control over the contract.

  • Proxy: If the contract is a proxy for another contract.

  • Modified Transfer: Any non-standard transfer logic that might be a risk.

  • Hidden Owner: Whether the contract owner is hidden, which can be a security concern.

  • Mint/Burn: Ability to create or destroy tokens, affecting supply.

  • Blacklist: If the contract has functionalities to blacklist certain addresses.

  • Whitelist: Restricts participation to only approved addresses.

Token Functions

  • AlterLaunch / RemoveMax / approve: Specific functions present in the contract and their implications.

  • clearstuckEth / manualSend / manualSwap: Functions related to managing contract funds and swaps.

  • renounceOwnership: Ability to renounce the control over the contract.

  • transfer / transferFrom: Standard token transfer functions.

Quality Control

  • Score: A numerical representation of overall contract safety, based on multiple factors.

Note: Each scan report includes a date and timestamp for when the analysis was conducted.

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