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EPIC Rug Detectors Scoring System Overview

Introduction to Scoring

With EPIC Rug Detector, we aim to simplify investment decisions in the crypto space by providing a straightforward scoring system. This system evaluates the safety of investing in various tokens based on available on-chain data.

EPIC Rug Detector works on ETH blockchain currently. More chains will be added in the future.

Accessing the Tool

To utilize the EPIC Rug Detectors, there are a few simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Token Requirement:

    • Ensure you have at least 15,000 EPIC tokens in your wallet.

    • Verify your holdings with MyTelegramWallet Bot

  2. Joining the EPIC Rug Detectors Group:

    • Visit EPIC Gate Bot on Telegram.

    • Start the bot using the provided link, which will guide you through the process of verifying your token holdings.

    • Once verified, you will be granted access to the EPIC Rug Detectors group where you can request token scans.

Requesting a Scan

  • Inside the EPIC Rug Detectors Telegram group, you can use commands /scam [ca] to submit the token contract address you wish to have analyzed.

  • The bot will process your request and provide you with a detailed safety score, as well as other pertinent data about the token.

  • Bot will return image with the scan result

Score Interpretation:

  • Low Score: This rating indicates the high risk level, suggesting that the token might be involved in risky or fraudulent activities.

  • Higher Scores: Typically reflect a lower risk of fraudulent activities, suggesting more stability and safety for investors. The exact implications of score will depend on specific criteria set by the scoring model, which assesses transaction patterns, source code integrity, and market behavior.

How Scores Are Generated

Scores are derived using a trained machine learning model that processes:

  • Transactions: Analyses patterns and behaviors within transaction data.

  • Source Code (Bytecode): Reviews the underlying bytecode of the token's smart contract.

  • Additional Scan Data: Includes liquidity pool (LP) presence, trading volume, and other relevant metrics.

🔬Detailed Scan Report Breakdown

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