🤖Our Bots

Designed for Project owners, Communities and Users

Our mission is to provide over 20 #TelegramBot utilities in 2024. These will be designed to serve:

  • Project Founders and Leaders

  • Collective Communities

  • Investors and Traders

Our current list of bots


Create exclusive crypto communities with token and NFT gated access

🔐pageEPIC Gate

EPIC Raffle

Reimagine community giveaways with highly engaging bespoke raffles

🎟️pageEPIC Raffle

EPIC Listings

Get early information on the latest projects launching on our supported chains

🚀pageEPIC Listings


Showcase your deflationary tokenomics with our FOMO inducing EPIC Burn Bot


EPIC Guardian

A first line of defence against scammers, monitor your Telegram community with ease.

🛡️pageEPIC Guardian

EPIC Lottery

Set multi chain prize tiers for longer duration lottery competitions.

💰pageEPIC Lottery

EPIC Rug Detector

Add a security layer to your research strategy with our AI powered contract scanner

🔍pageEPIC Rug Detector

My Telegram Wallet

Easily monitor assets across all our supported EVM chains in one simple interface.

💳pageMy Telegram Wallet

EPIC Portal

Stop malicious bots destroying your community with our unique captcha solution.

Coming soon

Join us on the next phase of our development journey https://t.me/EpicBotsPortal

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